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Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course
Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course
Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course
Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course
Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course

Sneaky Six Day Naptime Course

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Are you struggling with teaching your toddler or preschooler how to routinely nap?

I want to reveal my secret formula for training toddlers and preschoolers to predictably, routinely nap!

And this course only takes SIX days to complete!

I've used this formula time and time gain with a 100% success rate!

And do you know what's super exciting about this course?

Parents told me that after following this six day plan their kids were heading to bed earlier and were resting better at night too! They not only had predictable, daily nap times, but they had predictable children who were ready for bed at their normal bedtimes! How awesome is that?

After implementing the same techniques I’m sharing with you in this book, my life as a mom of young kids immediately became less stressful.

My children became more content and took their naps easily. The napping aspect of life became very predictable! 

After lunch, my toddler or preschooler’s eyelids would begin to flutter and I would not even have to look at the clock to know it was 1 p.m. — naptime. Wouldn’t that be awesome if your toddler and preschooler started doing that every single day at the same time?!

Shopping trips, get-togethers, play-dates and other fun activities become a lot less stressful when you can successfully get your child to nap.

You can schedule trips and fun activities around naptime — or even learn another sneaky option if those activities interfere with naptime!

If you're struggling with a daily routine for your toddler or preschooler, you'll love that this course features sample routines you can take and apply as well!

There's also an entire lesson dedicated to tips if regression does occur (which can happen due to health issues, emotional disturbances or major life changes.)

Purchasing this course is one of the best nap time decisions you can make. Just think, you’re toddler or preschooler will be napping in only six days! 

Six days!

But, human beings never, ever fit into one mold. It is possible that health, changes in routine or emotional issues cause your child to lag a little behind the six day mark. But keep following the criteria in this book and you will see success!

Be sure to print ALL the printables included to encourage your child to successfully nap! These awesome printables help toddlers, preschoolers and parents stay focused on successfully conquering nap time! <3

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